Looking for a retail consultant with 19 years of retail experience to help lift your sales, make the right decisions the first time around or create buzz with your marketing who understands the bottom line?

You’ve come to the right place.

Meet Michael Zschoche, the founder of Nzsch.




Born and raised in Orange County, Michael Zschoche is no stranger to quality and style.  At the age of 22, he decided to pursue arts over academics when he left his psychology and social behavior program at UC Irvine to become part owner of Graphics Gallery on Balboa Island. Zschoche became the sole owner of the gallery six years after first applying there for a job.  At 28, Michael opened his second gallery (formerly known as MJW Fine Art) a few doors down. Michael Zschoche Gallery was different, featuring original works of art from nationally reputed artists. Soon after, Michael opened his third store, Zschoche, a lifestyle store carrying everything from vintage sunglasses to hand made pillows. In the process of branding his many companies, Michael was recognized in the community for his brochures & collateral and has since started his own branding & design firm, Nzsch. Through his many connections, Michael has designed and revamped small businesses, larger corporations, and retail stores of all sizes and budgets focusing on individuality and eclectic style. During these years, Michael was greatly involved in Vistage, an entrepreneur group that met once a month to discuss & learn about how to help CEO’s, business owners & senior executives become better leaders and help their business grow. Because of his entrepreneur attitude infused with art and style, Michael comes highly recommended as one of the top consultants in Orange County.

Services offered:

  • Retail Sales Integrated cost management
  • Financial Review
  • Identifying Profit & Loss
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Complete Business Makeover
  • Expansion Planning
  • Ecommerce
  • Marketing Strategy


CEO, Nzsch, specializing in corporate branding & positioning, interactive design and environmental design
MEMBER, Vistage International, the world’s foremost chief executive leadership organization
OWNER, Zschoche, a retail store on Balboa Island catering to every aspect of “good livin’”.
PARTNER, ALEGRIA, A Bilingual lifestyle Magazine
PARTNER, Locale, A lifestyle Magazine
OWNER of Michael Zschoche Gallery (formerly MJW Fine Art), specializing in contemporary Plein Air, still-life, and figurative artists
OWNER, Graphics Gallery, supplying various fine art prints and posters


University of California, Irvine,
Orange Coast College
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara City College

FEATURED IN (partial list)

Riviera Magazine, Daily Pilot, Orange Coast Magazine, Space Magazine, Greers OC, OC Register, Apartment Therapy, C, Sunset Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Coast Magazine, Southwest Art, Art of the West, Fine Art Connoisseur.


“Michael is an extremely creative guy. He and his team completely re branded our company. They did much more than change our colors and logo, they helped us rethink our attitude toward public relations and company image. Michael and his crew moved us from the 1970s and into the new millennium.”

-Bill booth, CEO, Interact Business Group

Michael Zschoche Gallery

Michael Zschoche Gallery

“In its former life, Michael Zschoche Gallery featured traditional original plein air, still life and figurative paintings. Now with a fresh paint job inside and out, the once dark, navy blue interior is now bright white, a perfect backdrop for modern art. Michael Zschoche has a penchant for transforming his Balboa Island stores into contemporary destinations for art lovers, and chic home shoppers. He also owns Zschoche, the hip, eclectic home and lifestyle store a few doors down.



Zschoche, Newport Beach

Zschoche, Newport Beach



“Mixing old with new decor isn’t for the faint of heart,” says Michael Zschoche of Zschoche home store on Balboa Island. “The commitment to being eclectic is hard for people.  They are used to everything matching.” Well, suck it up. In ‘08, you’re going to see old designs with cool, modern twists. Classic credenzas updated with steel and rivets, as a nod to the industrial revolution; Louis XIV in aluminum; and dad’s favorite old wingback redone in white ostrich vinyl and silver-nickel tacks.

-What’s hot and what’s not for 2008OC Register


“Our firm was planning our first inaugural reception during a large industry conference this Fall and we hoped to draw a crowd of approximately 200 guests. I knew we needed an invitation that would grab the attention of our invited guests and set the tone for an extraordinary event. I immediately called Michael to help with the project. His team was able to conceptualize and create the perfect invitation which was both eye-catching and consistent with our firm’s brand.

The invitation gained the attention of over 800 guests – more than a 50% return rate which was unprecedented for our firm! The Nzsch team’s creativity played an integral part in our firm’s marketing success at the event.”

-Sara Mckibben, Director of Business Development, Knobbe Martens


“Ever since Nzsch redesigned our web site we have tripled the amount of people visiting our site. Not only has our web traffic gone through the roof (and is still growing), but we are receiving about 3 qualified sale inquires per day. We could not have asked for better results!”

-Geoff Boyce, Business Development, SSR Engineering


“An absolute pleasure to work with. He took a dull, boring template given to them by another company, and made it into something fun, unique and most important that we’re all very proud of.  He is always happy to answer any questions, and do stellar work…cannot wait to work with him again.”