We are certified resllers & will provide installation services for all of your retailing needs. Do it the right way the very first time & get up and running immediately.

Ring in sales faster— with the industry’s most intuitive POS.

Gain the high-speed, error-free advantages of visual checkout. Ringing in a product is as simple as selecting its image. LightSpeed automates all pricing, including customer and quantity discounts. Support multiple salespeople at one station. Place an order on hold; then re-open it on-the-fly. Handle returns and exchanges quickly and accurately. No other POS makes retail this easy.


Create Trackers that keep you and your team coordinated with dynamic lists of every customer or document that requires action.

Use the Browser Export feature to export lists that can be opened with any commonly-used spreadsheet software.

Use the Mac’s built-in iSight camera to effortlessly capture product and customer photos on-the-fly.

Use the Search All feature to search every corner of your business.

Park frequently-used items in the Parking zone.

Browse live previews of products, customers and sales documents.


Create your own workflows to improve efficiency, and the performance of each person in your organization.

Use LightSpeed to track outstanding quotes and notify salespeople when the customer is ready to buy.

Automate processes for service technicians to book in customer equipment, record labor, and order parts for repair jobs.

Provide store managers with a view into the day’s sales as they happen along with the ability to zero in on issues that need extra attention.

Let clerks swap out tills for greater control of their cash-outs.